Writing database

How to use This is the database where all articles can be maintained. The template uses linked databases to create different views of this data across the site. It means you can manage content from one central place and have it automatically update on the article listing page and where ever else you choose to create a linked database. If you want to display articles in different groupings or categories as this template shows, you can do so by using tags and filters. Important The front-end styles for writing section of the site are dependent on having pretty URLs set in Super using the term ‘writing’. You’ll need to amend the code if you’d like to use another term such as ‘blog’. For the listing view set your pretty URL to /writing For each article set your pretty URL to /writing/name-of-your-article
Nuovi concetti per i corsi di scrittura creativa e dinamica
Siamo felici di poter offrire un nuovo corso di scrittura creativa e dinamica al quale è possibile partecipare sia in persona, sia in connessione diretta streaming. Un feedback dettagliato a tutti i partecipanti sia remoti, sia in sala è garantito.
March 5, 2021
May 10, 2023 1:25 PM